You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban – Great Smoky Mountains

6 Comments on “You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban – Great Smoky Mountains

  1. Mike,This is beautifully put together! The scenery matched up with this song is perfect. Josh Groban is one of my favorite singers. That kid can sing!!Thanks for posting this!hugs,Tina

  2. Mike,This is beautiful. The Smokey Mountains are one of my favorite places on earth. I have seen them many times and hope to see them yet again. The scenery is magnificient.Thanks for sharing this beautiful rendition.Blessings,Mary

  3. Mary I have never seen the area,I probly will never see any thing out side ofour state,one is funds,the second one is that I no longer drive.My wife does not like to drive much se we stay home mostly just go to doctors appoinments and she goes shopping.

  4. Thank God, then, for the Internet. That way you can see places from your own home. My grandmother SO wanted to travel, but never got to except through books. She had to picture it all in her own mind. She died before the advent of popular access to the internet. I LOVE this song, and the photos are incredible.Thanks, Mike!

  5. Sojourner,I\’m happy that I have access to the net,if not I\’d be traveling via books as I did as a child.

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