I flat out right give up.

I have officially give up on trying to look at the videos posted on the different sites I visit.When I click on the video from the great people over at You Tube,I get the same damn message as I get when I want to see my videos that I have posted here and the ones I have in my video library at you tube.”sorry this video is no longer available”. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE,it is a disgrace that in this day and age that you fools at you tube cannot get your act together.you all should be put into stocks (as was done in the old days) on a public square and people could throw rotten tomatoes at you and get out their frustrations out on you fine upstanding human beings. May the flees of a thousand Cats and Dogs infest your armpits!

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  1. Sometimes, when I get that message, I click \”refresh\” on my browser, and then the video works. The videos time out if you leave a window open for too long without playing them. Have you tried that?

  2. Mysti.thai is because of Murphy and his law if it can go wrong it will.My mantra!Noelle,Thanks I\’ll try that.

  3. \”May the flees of a thousand Cats and Dogs infest your armpits!\”Lord Mike! Remind me never to make you MAD!LOL! You ROCK!!!Jennifer

  4. Jennifer,actually the saying goes like this\”may the fleas of a thousand Camels infest your armpits\” This is a form of curseing that went on ages ago.Just like the creative insult has gone the wayside. A case of this is a remark made bt one coach about an other coach \”look what slimmed it\’s way out of the sewer.\” needless to say a law suit was filed by the coach on the recieving end of this remark.the Judge in the case threw out the suit,saying it is nice to see that the creative insult is still alive.well unfortunaly that has gone by the wayside as well.

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