contacting Google.

Google used to allow you to email questions and comments.they no longer do this.I guess they got tired of people(like me) complaining about the problems that people have with their various products.
I guess they do not have thick enough skins and cannot handle therefore I will be complaining about there products like you tube,and even blogger at times. At least abode allows you to question them,about problems a person has. Such is life.

4 Comments on “contacting Google.

  1. Customer service seems to be a lost concept-no one cares if you are a satisfied customer anymore.

  2. That\’s terrible they no longer do that. I agree with Mrs G. Customer service pretty much feels extinct these days with most companies. You can\’t even get a live person on the phone anymore.

  3. Sandy C. It is more like custoner diservice than any thing else.That\’s my story and I\’m sticking to it.

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