some thing to think about.

I found both of these on Nick’s site. I thank him for the pictures,I take to blame for my take on things that are a commentary about the people that are upset over gas prices,and still drive Gas Guzzlers,when there are more inportant thing to worry about in this world.

Now I do not want a bunch of flack over this one,but I guess I will be getting it. I found these two things that I’m posting about. One is for Senator Kennedy,let’s keep him in our prayers.It does not have any thing to do with politics. He is a man that needs the prayers.

Now the other thing I’m added,well this one may get me in some hot water,but so be it.

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  1. well you are right about one thing and so I\’m not gonna say any thing bad!

  2. Mike,We should all pray for Edward Kennedy, as he is a man who needs pray at this time. Thank you for posting this.As for the gas prices they are atrocious, but you are right, there are more important things going on in the world. Blessings, my friend,Mary

  3. You are right on both cases. Thank you for bringing them to the attention of your readers.Blessings

  4. Mary,I\’m just posting what I saw on Nick\’sbytes.Of course he did not make a comment like I did on this site.Mysti, I just voice whay I feel.

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