Irish Washerwomen

I decided to add a Hummered Dulicmer tune just to lighten the day up.

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  1. So pretty! Makes me want to dance!Thanks for sharing your joy!and thanks for your kind words on my blog!~Jan

  2. So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It uplifted my day that is for sure.Blessings!

  3. Valarie,I\’m glad that you enjoyed the tune.Sharing… I have had the pleasure of owing this instrumment since 1992.Mysti,I\’m always happy to share this music that became a passion for me.

  4. loved the video of the Dulicmer…He makes it look so easy to play…

  5. Mimi,it is easy as long as you know the tune and have practiced it enough.I out to know.I had at one time 10 tumes that I could play good.I\’m noot saying I\’m as good as the person playing theis tune.

  6. Mike,This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing and I love the Irish Washerwoman pictures.I played the accordian when I was young. I still have it and the grandsons can\’t believe that I was an accordian player. LOLEnjoy your hammered dulcimer. Music is good for the soul.Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my most recent post and my new layout.Have a great weekend.Blessings,Mary

  7. Mary,I am glad that you enjoyed the posting.Whe I posted it I did not know that there would be the changeing photos.I was surprised to see it muself.and I did enjoy it as well.Right now I just listen to my C/Ds and tapes that I have collected over the years.If my seizures will slow down or even stop i will be trying to relearn to play mine.

  8. So beautiful! It does brighten and lighten up the mood ­čÖé What an amazing musician to watch!

  9. Sandy C.Watching some one playing the Hammered Dulicmer is a powerful thing to see and hear.that I why I used to love going to the festival at Roscoe Village. They had several events during the year.

  10. Nick,I\’m sorry to hear that you had trouble hearing it,You may have to install flash player or if you have it you might have to uninstall it and re install it.

  11. Mike, that\’s just wonderful!!That is some of the most relaxing music!!Be blessed.Jen

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