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Google and all of their fine products never stops amazing me. first there was the problem with Google reader freezing up my computer when I visit some I dumped those sites.Now it and blogger are conspiring to frustrate me even more by saying a site I visited yesterday from Google reader does not exist.What in the SAM Hill is going on?????????????
I just may have to go back to the old way of visiting to see if there was a new one every one’s site from my blog roll of honor.
Now if blogger would just post my comments to the sites that I post things too.I’m getting tired of the message being undileverable. Sorry Mikey over at the horseshoeinghousewife,your are the current one I’m haveing trouble with.Can someone click the link to her site and tell her why I have not been commenting.Thank you.

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  1. Sorry Mike! It stinks when we can\’t visit and read each other cause of computer problems.Hang in there and have a great week.Jen

  2. Unmighty thanks.Beth,when life hands you lemon….Jennifer,all in a days work? i hoe that you have a great week as wel.

  3. I swear Blogger likes annoying people, I get so frustrated with it sometimes.Thanks for the comment on my blog this morning, I would have loved to have shared breakfast with you ­čÖé

  4. I\’ve heard that a lot of people have been having trouble commenting lately. It\’s particularly annoying when you\’ve written a long, rambling comment and then splat! Nothing. I speak from experience. I\’m long-winded in some of my comments and sometimes blogger just deliberatly sets out to get me. (That didn\’t sound paranoid, did it???) lol

  5. Sandra,Sometimes I swear that the staff sits around in a think session trying to come up with ways to agrevate us users.Kari,You and me both there are times that I just really going with a comment just to hit the submit button and poof it\’s gone.I swear thewre is someone somewhere laughing their ass off at how they frustrated me.

  6. I think I\’ve given up on my google reader too. The 600+ unread posts is just to daunting for me….I think I may revert to your way of going down the blog roll.

  7. Sandy C. I still use the reader it does work most of the time and when it does not that is when I go back to the old way of viewing my blog doll members.I refuse to let the turkeys get me down totally.

  8. I thought i was the only problem having these issues! I am having a heck of a time with blogger right now! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

  9. Travis,if this is all I have to deal with that's not so bad.There are others out there that have bigger worries.Tracy par for the course.

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