an Update on my MIL

well a visiting nurse was at my Mil’s house today.My wife was there and the nurse said that some of her problems were caused by a build up of one of her medications,dioxin.The medication was becoming toxic to her since she had a big weight loss.So while she was in the hospital that medication was stopped and she was told not to take it at home also.I would guess that she will not be taking this medication untill the toxicity is out of her system,and then an adjustment will have to be made in how much she takes if she is even allowed to go back on this drug at all.

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  1. Robot Dancers and Bipolarlawyercook.Thank you for stopping by,I did not spell the medication the right way,usually I spell things as they sound to me.that bad part of that is I get it wrong at times.Maybe it is spelled digoxin( a heart medication)

  2. I\’ve been praying for your mother in law\’s recovery every since you mention her in a comment on blog and will continue to do so. Hugs and blessings,

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