Warning,warning Will Robinson a diatribe is comming

With No Appolgies to the show “Lost in Spacs” As the title says :I”m climbing on my soap box.I have my dsl through the AT&T,they have “free”anti virus protection,but they made is so I needed to add more RAM to my computer come to find out that if I had added the extra ram,the online(Norton) software would have used that up and still I probably would need to add even nor ram.so on the advice of someone that trust completely,he told me that I just needed to have my own anti virus software,so I got Mcafee 10 in 1 protection software and lo and behold I have not had the problems that I did when I had the online software from at&t.When using the online provided software I keep having problems with the computer I had to reinstall all of the software that came with the computer,using the rescue discs that came with the computer.I was using those discs at least once a month and that was way too many times according to my Sister-in-law.So now we will See how well this computer functions now.

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  1. Hi Mike,I\’m doing a bit of catching up this afternoon and figured I\’d leave a comment when I finished, but I had to stop here to say YEA McAfee! I\’ve used their security software for DECADES and feel \”secure\” with my online activities. I suspect you\’ll be happy with this service too.Hugs and blessings,

  2. storyteller,I found out that the norton that is \”supplied to me for free\”by AT&T with whom I have my DSL connection,comes at a great costs,it \”hogs\” the memory.where the McAfee does not.so I\’ll just keep useing the McAfee even if I have renew it every year.

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