Day: January 29, 2008

now that I got that out of my system.

Now let me say this about my internet provider,I enjoy the mail service.I enjoy being able to listen to the kind of music that I like and have some control as to what is played.I have several email accounts for the heck of it.I… Continue Reading “now that I got that out of my system.”

Warning,warning Will Robinson a diatribe is comming

With No Appolgies to the show “Lost in Spacs” As the title says :I”m climbing on my soap box.I have my dsl through the AT&T,they have “free”anti virus protection,but they made is so I needed to add more RAM to my computer come to… Continue Reading “Warning,warning Will Robinson a diatribe is comming”

a spot to go

I’m going to add a spot or two sometimes to check out such as the picture of the day.Here is how to get there: hope you like it,MikeNote I had transposed two letters and have corrected the link.Lets hope to works now.Sorry about… Continue Reading “a spot to go”

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