Its Just another Manic Monday.

With no appoligies to the singer of this song “Just another Manic Monday” Se here we go again it is monday and yesterday was not so good I had several seizures,so far to day I doing Ok.
My mother in law is not foing so well,My wife Celestine is a little bummed out to say the least all I can do is just be there for her.Celstine is afraid that her mother is not going to improve much.I pary that she is wrong about her Mom.All I can be is be as supportive to her as she was for me,when I lost my mother on Sept 2003.
Since my wife is down in the dumps it is hard for me not to be down in the dumps as well.

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  1. Oh…I\’m SO SORRY!! Mike, maybe it would lift your spirits to write your wife a little note, reminding her how much you care?? I know it might lift hers!! You take care!!

  2. I will keep on praying for your MIL and for your seizures to subside. I know how hard it is when your mom is sick (mine has been) and I know your wife appreciates all your love and support. Try to keep your spirits up and rent funny movies, lean on friends, do little things for your wife to let her know how much you care. ((hugs)) Mal

  3. Hi Mike!Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the email, it\’s always great to meet a fellow military member :)I\’m so sorry to hear about your MIL but you\’re a wonderful husband for being there for your wife and helping her through this rough patch. Will keep you all in my prayers,Sandra

  4. Sandra,Not only am I a former member of the USAF(even though you never leave it in your heart)I am a retired Corrections officer.I had worked for our county sheriff in the jail it was quite an experience.

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