an apology

I have to make an apology to all my blog friends. I have not been commenting much lately. I feel like the energy that I once had is ebbing. I read the blogs and just can not come up with some to say. For that I am sorry. I do not know if it has anything to do with what has been going for the past couple of months or what. It seems that when I fell in June and the latest go around with the chest pain and the failed tests I just do not have the energy to comment and worse yet to do posting. again I’m sorry that I may be letting my friends down.

6 Comments on “an apology

  1. Don\’t even think about it – comment when you can. Otherwise save your energy!

  2. Seems like you could cut yourself some slack since you’ve been busy studying … and coping with health issues. Getting yourself well comes before all else … so take care of yourself and try not to worry about the rest. Hugs and blessing,

  3. I stopped by to thank you for visiting me and commenting – and find out that you\’re not feeling well. I am sorry to hear that! Come when you can, comment when you feel like it. No worries!

  4. I always appreciate it when you stop by and leave a comment but Lord knows, sometimes we just need some downtime. You should take some!

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