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Just my Luck,computer Grief and camera trouble.

Well,my Pavilion dv7 was doing an update when it suffered the Blue Screen of death, say FATAL SYSTEMS ERROR THE COMPUTER SHUT DOWN. TRIED RESTARTING IT AND HAD TO USE THE SYSTEM RESTORE! While doing that I decided to take a picture if the… Continue Reading “Just my Luck,computer Grief and camera trouble.”

Awww Mondays,Yep Computer Grief again,Yet Still Whatever!

 Join us every Monday for Awww…Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww…and that’s it.Grab your Link From SandeeMake sure you leave a link to your post here and I’ll visit your Awww…Mondays post. What better way to start the week than with… Continue Reading “Awww Mondays,Yep Computer Grief again,Yet Still Whatever!”


I screwed up my computer and had to committ murder fot the THIRD TIME IN 3 DAYS.Along with the trouble with Celestine,I am GLAD that I don’t have anything in this condo to drink,because I think i would be well on my way to… Continue Reading “WHY ME?? COMPUTER GRIEF AND CELESTINE”

Computer Grief Again.

FYI,the computer acted up.and I had to kill it I will try to add Awww   Monday and MusicMonday and Monday’s Music Moves me.

Dang It,Computer Grief Again

Last night at approximately 9:15 pm, this computer decided that it would not “read” my 32 GB flash drive nor would it “read” the 1TB hard drive or even the Firefox Browser, and of course Internet Explorer did not work.  So I slammed the… Continue Reading “Dang It,Computer Grief Again”

Computer Grief Again!

Once again the computer acted up and I need to use the system restore USB Drive.

Computer Grief Again,Yet Still

Once again I suffered the Blue Screen of Death it was working when I turned it off last night,so something went wrong durning the Maintenance time aroud 3:00 AM. So I used the recovery USB Drive AGAIN!  

Dang it to all,Computer Grief again,Yes Still!

Once again,the Computer had to be killed Let’s hope I do not have to kill it a second time on Thanksgiving.            

Computer Grief Again!

Well this Dumbass did something wrong today because I caused the computer to totally Lock up,and I needed to use the restore USB Drive,again!  

Computer Grief Again,Still

Computer Grief Again,Yet,Still what ever!!  If I could afford it I swear I just would the dang thing keeps telling me to put a new product key into the computer (twice today) again!! the last time I had this problem HP said I needed… Continue Reading “Computer Grief Again,Still”

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