Computer Grief Again,Still

Computer Grief Again,Yet,Still what ever!!

 If I could afford it I swear I just would

the dang thing keeps telling me to put a new product key into the computer (twice today) again!! the last time I had this problem HP said I needed to replace my recovery discs which I did at a cost of 60 bucks! I am afraid to call them again tomarrow,but might have to. 
I swear if it were not for bad luck,I’d have no luck!!
  And I am getting tiredof this gut hanging around me!

3 Comments on “Computer Grief Again,Still

  1. I'm sorry Mike. Your computer is pretty new as I recall. I hate it when things go wrong and you can't find a cure.Try to have a stress free day. 🙂

  2. Mike, i hope there is some kind of warranty or a no cost fix. It's not right that they take unfair advantage.

  3. Sandee,after I posted the the Effin computer told me AGAIN to input the code. :(messymimi,Nope it is out of warranty.:(

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