Dang It,Computer Grief Again

Last night at approximately 9:15 pm, this computer decided that it would not “read” my 32 GB flash drive nor would it “read” the 1TB hard drive or even the Firefox Browser, and of course Internet Explorer did not work.  So I slammed the computer off, disconnected the Modem, printer, speakers and plugged in the system restore flash drive and got this infernal thing operational again!

Of course I felt like doing this but Mrs. Mike would not take too kindly to that!

4 Comments on “Dang It,Computer Grief Again

  1. When things go wrong with a computer it makes you crazy. I can so relate.Have a computer problem free day, Mike. 🙂

  2. Sandee, at least I have it up and running with windows 8 and both the Hard and Flash drives are both working. 🙂 :-h d-) :-f

  3. messymimi,Thank you for the offer but as long as I can keep this running no matter how many times I got to kill it I will be fine.:) :-f :-h d-)

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