Just my Luck,computer Grief and camera trouble.

Well,my Pavilion dv7 was doing an update when it suffered the Blue Screen of death, say FATAL SYSTEMS ERROR THE COMPUTER SHUT DOWN. TRIED RESTARTING IT AND HAD TO USE THE SYSTEM RESTORE!

While doing that I decided to take a picture if the screen with My Vivi-cam 5024 camera! this is the last picture it ever took before dying!

I was lucky to even get this one the 1GB SD CARD WAS WIPED OUT AS WELL! the card still works but the 12 pictures I had on it Gone!

6 Comments on “Just my Luck,computer Grief and camera trouble.

  1. I'm so sorry, Mike. You've sure had your issues with computers of late.Take a deep breath and figure out your next step. w-) w-)

  2. Right now i wish i was a computer person and lived nearby so i could help. All i can do is pray for you, that you will be given wisdom and patience to deal with it.

  3. Brian at least it takes less time to reset the computer using the system restore that is installed in this computer that it toook with my reciently deceased computer that too 2 and a half howers to fix a screw up. this one thakes abot 45 minuites tops! :):D :-h d-)

  4. Sandee that happened while the computer was installing an update from microsoft when it \”died\” at least I was able to revive it useing the built in system restore.:):D:X:-*:-f :-h d-)

  5. messymimi,well at least I'm able to fix it all the time. besided this is an ole computer as well.and if this one's mother board dies,well I know how to remove remove the hard drive and I'll put it in the computer that still has a working mother board but a dead hard drive!:):D

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