no fun today.

Just before 4:00 PM I had 2 bad seizures and took some of my medication for the monster headache and took a 2 hour nap. normally I get to go to the bathroom during the nap not this time.Celeastine had checked on me to see that I was still breathing and a few minuites after that I woke up to use the bathroom.She had asked me if I felt OK,I said I did and now back to attempt to do some EC dropping.

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  1. Sorry that you had two back seizures Mike. I've watched people have them and help make sure they didn't hurt themselves. Didn't look like any fun at all. 🙁

  2. Sorry you've had a crummy day – hope the headache goes away and tomorrow is better!

  3. Sandee, the sezures are not fun at all. tha't s when we go out I'm sitting in a wheelchair and have the seatbelt on to help me stay in the chair when I having a seizure here at home the I'm mainly sitting down so I don't use the chair. Mari,between taking my headache medicine and the nap the headache is gone and since tomorrw has not got here yest i'm not worried abouit it.One day at a time cover several things in my life.

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