computer problems again.

my main computer is inop.I will be working on it for most of what is left in the day.

6 Comments on “computer problems again.

  1. I hope you get your main computer up and running very soon Mike. I can so relate. Big hug. 🙂

  2. Wanda's wings.The problem was that it locked up,I could not get the darn thing to work.I used my 6 disc restore disks bring the computer back to factory setting I lost a bunch of stuff,that I cannot recover.Mari,I gotta learn not to open emails from a few people that nail my computer every time.Just be real,I am half way there,I have a lot of stuff on a back up disc.but not all of if.Andrea,I am working on it.Sandee,Thank you.the sad thing is that I lost the saved templates for several blogs.

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