Day: December 30, 2009

In a Walter Mitty kind of thing

I decided to change this up a bit. Besides this one my alter egos.Just like Walter Mitty

It’s award time again.

I just got this award from my friend Cliff. here is what he said about me and the award. Another first timer is Michael Golch. He gets the “Let’s add legs to our prayers” Top Banana. His blog is called Rambling Stuff aka Golch… Continue Reading “It’s award time again.”

when all else fails

Never a Year Like ’09 – JibJab

A Prayer Request.

I was just visiting with one of my blogging friends where I read that a close friend suffered a terrible loss.Their child that had been visiting for Christmas was killed in an accident on the freeway.Please go and offer a word or two

A prayer request

Yesterday My nephew Jason went to help his brother move to a new apartment on Long Island.Sometime between 4 AM and 6AM he was in an accident where he rolled his truck while on a freeway.His face is all bruised up due to the… Continue Reading “A prayer request”

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