In a Walter Mitty kind of thing

I decided to change this up a bit. Besides this one my alter egos.Just like Walter Mitty

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8 Comments on “In a Walter Mitty kind of thing

  1. Mike, I don't have too many alter egos any more. There's only room for that huge, monstrosity of an ego, which is ME –grin!Glad I caught you before 2010 rings in to wish you a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, and PLEASE keep posting, you are good (and crazy, of course–grin!)

  2. I thought some things were different. Now some things are on the other side of the blog. No problem dear. Still able to find my way around!

  3. I love your new avatar. Awesome.You and yours have a very happy, HEALTHY and prosperous New Year. Big hug. 🙂

  4. Grandy,thank you.Steve E,I kinda always wanted to work for N.A.S.A.As I did during a the summer jobs that I had out there.Audrinna,that you.Just Be Real,I had been meaning to rearrange things for a while.and finally did.Sandee,that is why I did this posting,so far you are the only to mention it.

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