Day: December 29, 2009

A milestone that I forgot to post about.

Twelve days ago I hit an important milestone and did not post about it. I do not want people to think that I’m blowing my own horn here,it’s just that I want everyone to celebrate this with me.December 17,1990 is when I got sober.That… Continue Reading “A milestone that I forgot to post about.”

We didn’t start the fire

Something that needs to be shared. and a prayer request.

First of all I want to tell you of the fun time I had at a brunch that was hosted by my sister Sandy.The brunch was great. There were a bunch of my cousins One of my aunts and several of cousins whom I… Continue Reading “Something that needs to be shared. and a prayer request.”

This has been a fun day,NOT

I have been having a battle of wills with this computer decided to delete a bunch of programs and games that I had installed. so rather get upset and say you win,I got even! That is the great thing about restore win… Continue Reading “This has been a fun day,NOT”

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