A milestone that I forgot to post about.

Twelve days ago I hit an important milestone and did not post about it. I do not want people to think that I’m blowing my own horn here,it’s just that I want everyone to celebrate this with me.
December 17,1990 is when I got sober.That has amounted to 19 years of one day at a time.THANK YOU GOD FOR MY SOBERITY!!!!

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27 Comments on “A milestone that I forgot to post about.

  1. Mike – this is something you should toot your own horn about. This is a great milestone!Hooray!!!

  2. You should be blowing your own horn. This is something to be very proud of. One day at a time too. Good for you Mike. I blame you not posting this on that medication you were taking. Just saying.Have a terrific day and congratulations on 19 years sober. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Mari,Thank you.Sandee, The medications are necessary for the seizure control and the Bi-polar that I have there is not getting around these medication.Drinking was something that was totally out of control and I needed to stop it or die according to one of my Doctors at the time.So I am greatful for taking the soberiety path.

  4. Just Breathe,Thank you.While i was with my family on Sunday one of my sister's guests shared with me that he has 21 years sober.He suggested that I do what he did with his 20 year coin,put a smalle hole in it and keep it on your keyring.

  5. You shouldn't think of this as tooting your own horn. Think of it as something to encourage others.I'm proud of you Mike. You also give me an idea for your upcoming Top Banana.

  6. Clif,I hope that I can be an insiration to some one who may be struggling. It took me a long time to finally get sober.

  7. Just be Real,I hope that by telling my story that I can inspire some one else who is struggling.Sometimes Saintly Nick,seeing how my drinking career started in my teens and I have been in and out of A.A.This is the longest time that I have been sober.Momisodes,this is something that I am greatful for and just had to share it.

  8. Wooo! Hoooo! Mike, this is a great thing to celebrate! That is a great milestone. :)Blessings,Tammy

  9. OH MIKE… congratulations to you!!! I was at the hospital today for a test and realize I too hit my milestone and it went right on by my. 22 years December 1. We just keep taking it one day at a time and before you know it the years add up!!

  10. Fitness Diva,thank you.Travis,I am Happy that I have made it to this milestone.there have been so many that I could not even make it 8 months.

  11. How MARVELOUS … this is definitely a milestone to remember and commemorate with friends & family.Hugs and blessings,

  12. \”THANK YOU GOD FOR MY SOBERITY\” me too, Mike … me too 😉Congrats to you my friend. You know something? The first few months of \”detoxing\” for me were very tough. My body went into shock, and mentally it was one rough road. I was drinking almost a bottle a day at the end.The were times I thought I was dying with massive panic attacks, and I was in the hospital twice for rapid heart beat and very dangerously high blood pressure. Now that I am on the other side, I know the good Lord was the key in helping me through. Since my sober date, I have never looked back. Getting OFF the bottle was the single greatest thing to happen in my life. I truley believe had I not quit, I would not be alive today. I see / hear about the massive pain and life destruction alcohol causes daily. I think the worst part is the pain caused to others, esp. family. You never have a clear view of just how booze ruins life until you can gaze upon the past with a sober mind. If only others still aflicted could feel the new and regained life that breathes into your soul with sobriety, they would stop in a heartbeat. Seems the hardest part of helping someone to quit is overcoming their own clouded image of life. People think they drink for fun and to kill pain, when in fact they are just placing band-aides over the real damage to the brain, and the emotional devastation that comes with chemical imbalances. An alcoholic is never sober, unless they leave it for good. I have worked with a friend of mine for decades. He is one of those that could never seem to stay sober for more than a week … not long enough to feel or understand the healing process. He recently hit rock bottom. He has lost EVERYTHING. Wife, health, home, job, I mean everything. This disease is so powerful, and I hate it so much. When I see alcohol glorified in media it makes me want to choke.Denile is king with king with drinkers. That is the sad part. Everyone sees the problem but them. Needless to say, I understand your accomplishment, and you should be proud. I am proud of you too ;-)Big hug from old SpeedyCat

  13. In certain cases tooting your own horn is allowed. This is one most definitely! Congrats Mike!!!

  14. Storyteller,it took me many years to reach the final(I hope)start of soberity!Speedcat,thank you for sharing your message with me!Tink,thank you!Syd,I'm so glad to have all these one day at a time adding up to these years.It'a all about an attitude of gratitude.

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