A thought.

I posted a cheep shot at all the media and their feeding frenzy at tiger woods infidelity. I can care less about Mr. woods,and every one of the celebrities and politicians that cannot be faithful to their spouses. To me Marriage is a sacred thing. The Vow that you take before GOD and to the person that you are marring is just that a vow to be faithful to that person that you are standing with in front of family,friends,the minister,and most of all GOD!

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7 Comments on “A thought.

  1. Good point. I'll go out on a limb and not only blame the celebrity for their infidelity; but the media for the fanfare, and the public who buys the garbage

  2. Now you're talking Mike. You are right on the money here. Too many people idolize these folks. They are just people. I think most of them are more messed up than us little people. I've been around too many (mostly politicians) that thought they were bigger than God. I saw many of them fall. Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. The media will focus on anything juicy, and then like an orange, squeeze it to death until every last drop is out…..and then some. The media is at the bottom of the respect, ethics, morals and values food chain.

  4. Partick,Right On!Sandee,sports people Celebraties and politicians all for get that they are not GODs,but mere mortals that have to play by God's rules.Mari,Just calling it as I see it.Speedcat,thank you.Matty,actually they are even beneath those as well.at one time the media served a good porpouse,not any more.

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