Tabloid news at it’s best.Tiger’s latest affair.

Now that I got your attention,To all the news media(NBC,ABC,CBS,FOX,Entainment Tonight,The Insider TmZ, Ect.) I think that you have beaten this to death already.HE ADMITTED THAT HE WAS UNFATHFUL,NOW THIS IS BETWEEN HIM AND HIS FAMILY,THE REST OF YOU BUT THE FU** OUT!! I’M TIERED OF HEARING THE OUT OF ALL YOU ASSHATS.

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10 Comments on “Tabloid news at it’s best.Tiger’s latest affair.

  1. There's a lot of jokes out there, but I've not posted any on my blog. I could care less about Tiger Woods. Just saying. I'm not into celebrities. Have a terrific day. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, I do not care for tiger either.I posted this as a cheep shot at the media and how they have become vultures.

  3. media is all garbage in my opinionI much prefer getting news from web sources, where I pick and choose what is news-worthy to \”me\”. Mainstream media is always pushing BS down our throwts anyway!

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