A note.

I had posted a WTF??? and decided that I would remove it.I do not want to start a firestorm of political attacks from either side.Needless to say it was My attack on a extremely conservative blog,therefore I took it down.I will say that I do not agree with what the site had put up.I respect that person’s point of view.I may not agree with it,But I respect it. I am afraid that I would not be accorded the same respect.

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2 Comments on “A note.

  1. Mike, the greatest thing I have learned this year is to trust my judgement when I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me. If it doesn't feel right, seem right or read right… I don't do it. You probably did what was best. I did not see your post but i'm sure you did what was right.Hugs and sorry i've been a bit MIA on you. Been very busy getting well. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Tammy,The posting was an attack on a member of the radical far right.right after i posted it I regretted doing so and deleted the post.I supposed it is floating around in cyber space some where.

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