No Pledge from Will.

With a tip of the hat to LEN

have you heard of young Will Phillips? You should know about this kid.He’s one brave,intelligent and principled kid.It’s hard to believe that he’s only 10 years old


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  1. Thank you, Mike, for introducing me to Will Phillips. With children like Will around I have hope for our nation's future!Here's to \”Liberty & Justice for all!\” Hip, hip hurrah!

  2. I raised two just like him but I'll take a couple more any day. Eventually the laws will change, that is my hope. I'm very disappointed in my birth state rejecting the bill (maine). It saddened me. Great vid. Tammy

  3. I read the article. The kid skipped a grade, is obviously smart, and stays with his well reasoned point of view when faced with adversity. Good for him!

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