just to let you know that

Tomorrow (wednesday)I’m getting oral surgery done to repair a bunch of teeth. The reason it has to be done this way is because of my seizures so they have got to put me completely out and add some extra medication that will temporarily keep me from involuntary movements, and because of my sleep apnea,I may be spending the night in the hospital. I need your prayers! So if I do not see any of you until Thursday so be it.

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18 Comments on “just to let you know that

  1. Mike, I lift you up to our Heavenly Father that He may watch over you, guide the doctors, nurses and all involved with your surgery. I pray for complete peace for you during this surgery and healing afterwards.I pray for your wife too.Let us hear from you when you feel up to it. Peace and many blessings to you and your wife.Pam

  2. Sending prayers up for you Mike, for the surgery to go well and for your speedy recovery. Blessings my friend!

  3. Mari,Sandee,Finding Pam,Jennifer,Akelamalu,Anon Drifter,and Smetimes Saintly Nick,thank you one and all for your prayers and good wishes.

  4. Just popping over to send you good thoughts and prayers. Hope all is going well. Big hug. 🙂

  5. i hope everything goes well, MIKE. i will surely include you in my prayers. please take care. hugs for you.

  6. Dear Mike,I've been MIA on checking my blogs and I've left some comments on How Glad I'm You're Back from these procedures.:) I'm so glad you are back and blogging, my blogger friend.Sincerely,Tart

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