5 Random words challenge

5 Random Word Challenge

Jennifer of Dust Bunny Hostage fame ,gave me five random English words.

I am supposed to share the random thoughts (as if I had any other kind) that these words inspire. Fun right? Here goes…

Present:: The response given at roll call during the Military service and while I worked as a Correction Officer.Most of the time we just said here!

Direction::can you tell me how to get there from here?

Trust:: In God We Trust,says so on our money.

Build::as in building a good relationship with people.this is neccessary when I worked as a Real Estate agent.

Proper:: the way you conduct yourself in public,you would not act any diferently than you do at home (I would hope)

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5 Comments on “5 Random words challenge

  1. Oh! And thanks for playing along.I just noticed the Never Forget badge on your sidebar. That is POWERFUL. It made me stop and say a prayer for our nation.

  2. Jennifer,I'm glad you enjoyed my answers,and that you liked the tribute.Sandee,thank you.Syd,it was fun doing this one.

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