one good thing and than the day went to hell.

I went for my injection of boniva today.(I get it every 3 months) I have mananged to get down to the 285 lb mark.YEH Me! that is when the day went to hell at that point.I had a couple of seizures,came home and crashed out almost 3 hours today.I did visit my blog friends,but did not feel up to commenting.

9 Comments on “one good thing and than the day went to hell.

  1. Just rest and feel better Mike. We'll all be right here. Just saying.You'll have a better day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. That does sound like a horrible day. Take care of yourself, rest up, drink fluids and all that doctor-y stuff.Congrats on the weight loss! Quite an accomplishment. I hope it is getting you on a healthier path.

  3. Mari,Sandee,Vicariousrising,Nessa,Anon Drifter,some days are like this,it is all about rolling with the punches,and hopeing that the day gets better if not there is always tomarrow.

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