A Rant against an Entre Card policy change.(Or make up your Minds)

Paid ads were an option for Entre Card members,you could decide not to have them,as a lot of us did.Now when the powers that be decided that paid ads were being cancelled. A lot of us were happy about that,some were not.

Goodbye, Paid Ads

Dear Entrecard Members,

My name is Cindy and I am the new Director of Business Development for Entrecard. I will be representing the Entrecard team in future posts and will be relaying information about new Entrecard changes and updates to users. I am excited to be working for Entrecard and look forward to reading your opinions and comments about Entrecard services.

We are making great progress with the transition and have come up with several ways to refine needed Entrecard services. I would like to inform you about two important changes.

Effective immediately, we will no longer accept applications for “paid ads” on your widget space. Based on user comments and blog posts, users have not been happy with the “paid ads” that was implemented a few months ago. Although a good portion of the revenue (75%) is given back to the users through the “credit cashout program,” we have found that most users would prefer not to have “paid ads” on their widgets at all. As a result, we have decided to eliminate “paid ads” on your widget. We are no longer accepting new “paid ads” and any ads currently in the system will continue to run until they are completed.

Second, we have received many user requests to redeem credits for cash through the “credit cashout program.” Some users have been paid while many users have not. Since we are ending the “paid ads” program, we are also eliminating the “credit cashout program.” As promised, we will continue to pay as many users as we can with the remaining funds from the “paid ads” system. Within the next 3 days, we will distribute the remaining funds from the “paid ads” to users on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once these funds run out, we will reissue credits back to those users who applied for the cashout program but did not receive money. An email notification will be sent out to our users.

We understand that eliminating the “credit cashout program” may upset some users. However, Entrecard is actively developing ways for Entrecard users to use, sell and trade their credits. This is on the top of our priority list.

Once again, we feel that ending the “paid ads” and “cashout” program will benefit Entrecard and its users in the long run. We understand what your concerns are and we intend to address them. Thank you for being a valued member. Stay tuned for updates.

Cindy Ung
Director of Business Development

This was a welcomed decision by a lot of the members Entre Card. Now that decision was reversed,there will be paid ads again,only this time Entre Card will be the only one recieving payments,not the bloggers that posted those ads.

Reserving 15% Network Inventory for


We are pleased that many members are taking advantage of Entrecard services and that Entrecard is able to help users increase traffic to their blog. However in order to continue providing this free service, we will be taking 15% of our entire ad network inventory for sponsors as of Sept. 28, 09. This is a standard business model used by free advertising networks. The revenues generated by our sponsors will help cover overhead expenses and keep our service free to all our members for years to come. To keep things simple and fair, all ads will be distributed evenly in our network. We are currently working on a feature that will allow users to disable sponsor ads that may conflict with their blog. This will be available in a few weeks.

Please be assured that we will screen all sponsor ads to ensure that they meet our guidelines. All sponsor ads WILL be family oriented, and will not promote nudity, violence or anything illegal.

We thank you for your support and understanding. We will continue to make improvements to our network. Our goal is to deliver more traffic to your blog, increase your readers and comments, and let you network with other bloggers. We will focus on fine tuning every aspect of our business to ensure that our users are happy in the years ahead.

Cindy U.

Now that part that may or may not happen.I may endup getting booted out of Entre Card for doing this posting,if so so be it.Others have been booted before by posting a disagreement on their blogs over Entre Card policy,but that again I have not called any one an asshat yet.

As soon as I’m done with this posting I will be stopping all ads for the time being,and if Entre Card forces paid ads on me than that’s when the rants will become nasty.

7 Comments on “A Rant against an Entre Card policy change.(Or make up your Minds)

  1. I'm taking a wait and see here Mike. I have canceled all my ads from the 28th on and plan to move my widget to the bottom of my site Sunday evening and just see what happens. I will say that this is a good rant. You have every right to post this as well. Say what you mean and mean what you say. They didn't do that at all. These two posts they did are polar opposites of each other.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. 🙂

  2. Sandee,Hey I'm just calling it as i see it.and when my ads are done I'll be moving my widgets to the botton as well.

  3. Get 'em, Mike. I hear ya completely.I'm not really paying too much attention to what's going on in the network. Thanks for posting this heads up in detail.

  4. Fitness Diva,the really sad thing is that they want it both ways.We cannot recieve payment for paid ads but they can?? WTF.Than to add insult to injury they are just going to push these ads on us?

  5. Hi,When EntreCard started with the PaidAds routine, I refused them… With EC now running a referral program as well, its just become another junk exchange.I held off leaving in hopes that the new owners would bring life back into EC. I should have stuck to my instincts.My traffic sharing program, \”Along for the Ride!\” has done remarkably better then EC for quality traffic in its short life thanks to its many good members. I'll just have more time to work on it soon.

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