I saw this over at Nick’s site

I saw this over on Nick’s site and what he was talking about,rings true for me as well.different circumstances same hurtful feelings.

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  1. I think this song says it all. People are too cruel. It has taken me a lifetime to overcome my childhood.I do not know where I have heard this, but it speaks volumns to me.Simple minded people talk about other folks…Average minded people talk about events…And great minds talk about ideas.Now I am going to Nick's

  2. Finding Pam,I still have issues from my childhood that I'm dealing with.Being in the Air Force did not help matters as well.

  3. I've not heard this one before. They all got old huh? We are still young but they got old. Okay, I know we got old too.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. Just Be Real,it seems that a lot of people get their pleasure from others suffering.Sandee,yep they got old and so have we.No Biggie,thanks for stopping by,Hugs.

  5. Mike – I'm leaving a comment here, because of the closed comments above.I'm sorry for whatever happened to make you think about quitting blogging. First of all, it's your blog and you can say what you want – free speech and all. Second – if people don't like it they shouldn't come back. Third – you and I don't always agree, but we can still be friends.Hope your week improves!

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