I think that I will get off my soap box about political stuff.I will not debate about the stupidity of some of the actions taken by people any in point was a rebuttal the one presidency is being blamed for actions taken by a different administration.
now if you really do not like to read what I wrote you are cordiality invited not to come back.

I guess it is time to go back to the kinder gentler blog that this has been.


  1. Dear Mike,Your blog is yours and yours alone (well I might take that back, I think you have a contributer, but anyway, I am sure you get my point:) These blogs in my estimation seem to become a journal of our thoughts, sometimes for many of us, at that moment.I think what I am trying to say is that you have the Right to feel pissed off, and bless you for pretty much always putting out there just what you feel. The God's truth is that I for one don't even pay attention to political postings. The truth is, for me, they pass right over me, or I pass them, and I pay attention to the good things and massive loves that you feel for people, the prayers you genuinely send out to people and ask for.The thought also occurs to me, that if you are bipolar, you are not immune to irritability. No sir, not at all, I am sure, my friend.:) So the upshot is, you soul-search all you want to, you post any cranky or loving thought you want to, because I for one am glad to read it and am not afraid to tell you so.I mean that in Sincerity,:)Tart

  2. You post what you want to post. I should think that anyone who respectfully disagrees may do so.Rudeness, however, should not stand.

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