A follow up on a couple of postings

First of all I got this email from Karen Zemek: Thanks for all your prayers. I am praising the Lord this morning that the cancer did not spread to the lymph nodes so I don’t need chemo (just the radiation treatments) and they were able to get it all out. It took 2 1/2 hours and I woke in about 45 minutes later.

It was scheduled for 1:30 but then it got pushed back to almost 4:00. Got to watch some of the tennis open at least while I waited and had a nice visit with Pastor Zerby from our church. Gerard left to walk Abby shortly after I went in so she got her walk at her normal time. Then he came back. I got home around 7 and went to bed. Very tired for some reason.

The second follow up is that over night and today the toilets were not leaking, so we canceled the plumber coming out.

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  1. I'm so happy things for Karen that things are turning out for the good. I was praying for her too.I'm very happy about the toilets not leaking today. Weird huh? I think so.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Hi Mike…just checking in on you. After reading, am now hoping that the rest of your week is a good one.

  3. Good luck with the toilet issue, do you have any ideas about what might have caused the leaks? I think I'd have that plumber take a look just to make certain.

  4. Mari,Yep that is good news indeed.Anecdotes,so far so good.Jude8753.We are not sure exactly,the plimber said to keep an eye on the floor from the basement to see if the powder is staying dry.

  5. Wonderful news on both counts!! How are you feeling today Mike? Better I hope. Hugs. Tammy

  6. Oh Mike it is a great day for sure then. I was praying on both accounts!! Thank you for the update!Hugs,Jackie

  7. I guess there is still a chance I will need Chemo but hope not. They still have to do some further testing — there's three things that determine it so I won't know for sure about what further treatment is needed until next Wednesday. At least I woke up and they said the surgery went very well. Thanks for all the prayers from my blogging buddies!

  8. Karen,I'm more that happy to post reayer requests,and I am greatful that you surgery went well for you.let's hope that the chmo will noy be needed.

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