Decisions to be made.

Once again I will be doing some changes,the changes will be to the blog roll.I will be adding a couple of new catagories to the Blog Roll.One will be to highlight the different recovery blogs that I follow.A second one will be to highlight the Ohio blogs that I follow.The rest of the blogs on the blog roll will stay the same.Just give me some time to do the added changes,it will take me a while.With a tip of the hat to Subvet,from who I got the Idea from,and all the recient left for my by(in no order at all) Sandee,Mari,AirmanMom,Anon Drifter,MountainWoman,Akelamalu,and Shrinky.I thank you on and All.

21 Comments on “Decisions to be made.

  1. Good for you Mike. I'll stand by and await your new blogroll changes.Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. I can see there will be some work involved in this, but I think it will be nice when you get it done.

  3. Sandee,and Mari,thank you both for you comments.I'm going to start with a preview of what the side bat will look like.

  4. Mike, you're such a sweetheart! Thanks for the comment. I'll be back soon, but in the meantime…I'll keep in touch! Hope the blogroll goes well. Sounds like a good idea!

  5. Thanks Mike. I appreciate all that you do. Hope that your day is going well.

  6. Gee, I find myself in a \”compartment\”. We used to fight over who would get to use the compartment, as we rode Pullman cars all over the north, and east (with an orchestra, years ago!).Next compartment in which I remember waking up, was the jail I had constructed for myself..I was alone and lonely.YOUR compartment, Mike, (recovery) is a place I can feel comfortable and useful, just be ME! Ain't it wonderful? What sobriety will allow us?

  7. That is very sweet of you, Mike. Thank you for doing that :o) Hope you are having a great day, it's gonna be a hot one today with lots of humidity.I'm off to check out the other OH bloggers ;o)

  8. Syd,you are welcome.Steve E.yep this is one compartment that I do not mind being in as well.Soberity is a great thing indeed.Ibanhoe,that's why I try to stay indoors with the A/C on to reduce the heat and take the humidity out of the house.

  9. that's a great idea MIKE… i think i should also do the same… my own list is too long already 🙂 thanks for sharing this.

  10. That would require to much in the way of organizational skills for me to pull off but I know you can do it. How is that for a run on sentence. HA!!

  11. I guess life is all about change… I'll be watching for your changes…

  12. Dear Mike,I feel very very honored to be under your recovery blogroll. I don't know that I am much help for others in that direction, but I had always hoped to be, especially when I first started the blog years ago. Now I often just talk about the day to day stuff I go through, but I hope that my role in admitting my bipolar (even through internet anonimity)and having kept going is helpful to others.Thank you for this honor, and thank you for being you, a person and blogger that I always enjoy your comments, posts and realness. I am going to crawl back in bed now with orange juice and throat lozenges as I am sick today, but I had to come by and thank you. I hope you have a good weekend.Sincerely,JungleTart

  13. 'Tart,you are most welcome.I fell it is an Honpr to have you as a blogging friend.I hope you ger well soon.

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