a good idea.

I was just visiting a blogger named SUBVET. He has his blog roll compartmentalized into different catagories and blogs are posted that way.I’m think of doing something like this my self. I would like every one to go for a visit and check out how he does his blog roll and let me know your thoughts about me doing the same thing. I’m listed in Life on Life’s Terms.

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  1. mike…thank you for the reminder of Subvet! I've read his blog in the past and drifted…thank you!~AM

  2. I just visited his blog and I like his idea. It makes it easier if there is a category you are especially interested in.

  3. Personally, I prefer to publish my most recently written post to appear first on my blog – but this is your blog, and as such, it's for you to decide which format you are happiest with. I am sure what ever you decide will sit well with your readers. (Smile)

  4. If you like it then go for it Mike. I've seen other do numerous blogrolls like this too. Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  5. AirmanMom,Anon Drifter,Mountain Woman,Shrinky,Sandee,and Akelamalu,thank you alll for the input.it will take me a while to decide where the newer blogs that I follow will go.I do knw there will a sections for recovery blogs and one for Ohio Bloggers.

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