boy did I make a mistake.

I joined Facebook,and since that my computer has been constanly under attack.I have deactivated my account and will not rejoin.
I also pulled the facebook badge from my site as well. I was interested in this site and was invited to join it by one of my blogging friends. I should say never about not rejoining.for some reason my anti-virus failed me.when I get the bugs out of it I might return.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Mike. I\’ve been on Facebook for about 6 months and haven\’t had any problems.

  2. Mari,I sad that I had to leavembut up until I joined facebook my computer has been safe.since joining I have had several attempts to breach my computer and anm ithe process of running a malware scan and have found a couple of infected files.

  3. I often wondered if I should join Facebook since it seems to be a very popular place. Maybe I\’ll hold off on that for awhile.

  4. mike…like mari, I have been on FB for several months and have had no problems. I\’m sorry you are going through this. Please re-friend me if you rejoin FB!~AM

  5. Anonmous Drifter,I\’m sure it is a safe site,but for some reason muy computer was attacked and I\’m having trouble cleaning it out.AirmanMom,it is just my luck that I get a problem when every one else has used Facebook safely.

  6. Hey Mike, Never had any issues with Facebbook. In fact, I am totally addicted. Sorry you had problems. Next time you are needing a new computer, you should look into getting a Mac. No virus problems with Macs.Have a Happy Easter!Sara

  7. Mike, I too had the same problem. I also did not find Facebook that user friendly, but that is just me.Blessings.

  8. Sara,maybe I will.I did get the problem fixed.and so I reactivated my facebook page.Just be Real,maybe part of the problem that I had is that I am too new to that social network.

  9. Mike,I have an account but I must have visited it 15 times in two years.It\’s really complicated this social networkings.I used to go to Orkut- the one most Brazilians use – and there are community of hackers, people having their profile stolen, all these problems.I don\’t trust any social networking and I\’ve heard many people claiming the same.BBC has once made an reportage on Facebook claiming that all your data is available to whoever wants it.It\’s not safe. At least this is what I\’ve read.I also don\’t think it\’s user-friendly. People hardly have discussion and there are too many softwares and lots of stuff that I don\’t need.I don\’t think it\’s only you.

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