Pilgrim, Enya

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  1. Hi Mike!Just came to say thank you for your comment yesterday.I\’m not a big fan of Enya.I prefer rock.You know… I\’m 50 years old. It\’s inevitable.At least I\’m not a \”disco\” fan.:)Have a nice weekend.Ana

  2. Ana,I enjoy a good rock and Roll song as well.I just have expanded my tastes in music as well.I really enjoy listing to her singing in her native language(celtic)Thank for stopping by and making my day.

  3. Just hopping by to wish you a Happy Easter Mike. I love Enya and am also a fan of Yanni.

  4. Sheila,that the niceest part of You Tube,you can fina a lot of great stuff there!Mari,I\’m glad you enjoyed this one.Jo,thanks for stopping by as well.I hope that you have a great easter as well.

  5. I love Enya! I think her voice is haunting but it good way… if that makes sense… Hope you are well!

  6. Mike,I enjoy Enya\’s music. Thank you for posting.I dropped by to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter. Praying for you, as always.Blessings,Mary

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