Ramdom thoughts or Just being me.

thought # 1)I know that I have been throwing a lot of video up lately.Weel there are songs ans or T.V. themse that pop into my head and I think I want to post them,so I do when the thoughts hit me.
Thought # 2) Besides there are times that I just cannot come up with something whitty or a bright idea for a post so I take the easy way out and use a video to convey my thoughts.

Thought # 3)The sad thing is that I maybe driving away people that used to comment on my blog. Oh well if that is the case so be it.

Thought # 4) lately I just cannot decide what theme I want my blog to look like and stick to it.

18 Comments on “Ramdom thoughts or Just being me.

  1. I don\’t think you are driving people away. I like when you post songs, but sometimes I just don\’t have a comment about a song or maybe it\’s just not a song I like. Just keep on being you!

  2. My lack of comments isn\’t anything to do with you as just plain lack of time. Life has been so crazy lately, having to do with a teenage son, his totaling of my wife\’s car and trying to replace that puppy. Too much fun.Beamer

  3. I don\’t think your blog has to stay the same or that you have to stick with one thing. It keeps it interesting to do different things with no pattern.And the videos are cool to me!

  4. Sometimes it is impossible to come up with new ideas and other times we have loads of them. We got a nasty virus from entrecard and have been trying to redo our blogroll. Dad had to re-format our computer, so we lost everything. We\’re glad to have found you again!!Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. I have no real theme on my blog and sometimes post pictures, other times video (when youtube is working anyway) and usually talk wayyyy tooooo long about stuff. Hey, we can do what we want on our blogs right!? Don\’t think a theme is necessary. And I wouldn\’t worry about whether people stop by or they don\’t. I\’m sure it\’s nothing at all personal we just have different stuff going on at times. Have a good day. M

  6. I think you are picking good videos out and blogs are for fun ~ have a good time picking out a background!:)Hugs,Tart

  7. Mari,Yertle,Beamer,Jennifer,Furkidsmom,CrystalChick,and Tart,thank you for your insight.I sometimes lose that in self doubt.

  8. Mike here are some random thoughts from me….Thought #1) I love your videos, and often times think Yayyyyy another song!Thought #2) Sometimes a song says all that needs to be said….Thought #3) If people are leaving because of that, then their loss!Thought #4) Variety is always a good thing… Change your blog look to suit your mood! Its all good! Hugs my friend.. Know that i just love ya to pieces, and feel blessed to know you.

  9. Mike,I enjoy the songs and videos you post, so please continue to do so. It\’s not always easy to come up with something interesting to blog about but the majority of people do enjoy watching videos and listening to music. I enjoyed my visit,as always.Blessings,Mary

  10. Mike I love your videos. We seem to like a lot of the same stuff ­čÖé Happy blogging.

  11. Tracy,I just love your ramdom thought.I fell blessed to have you as a friend as well all the blog friends that I have.Big Time Hugs to you my friend!

  12. I wouldn\’t jump to conclusions too quickly. I think many are still recovering from the holidays. I know I am- haven\’t even started taking down the decorations yet. And we\’re leaving for vacation this week too.Happy Birthday!!!!!!!And good for you on acknowledging too much twitter and Entre card!!!!Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and have a great week too!!!

  13. Irish Coffeehouse,I forgot that many are still recovering from the holidays.Thanks for the reminder.Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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