just another day here at Golch Central.

when I do not feel well or I have had a bad day you will be seeing this.I had a bunch of seizures today,so I napped a lot.I think I have finally got caught up on the email and the comments that were left for me.google reader,well that is a different story.I’m going to go to bead Early tonight because I still do not feel 100%

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  1. Sorry you had a bad day. He\’s a sorry looking dude, but still brings a smile to my face!

  2. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad day and are not feeling well. I am sending much love and good thoughts your way that you get back to 100% soon.

  3. I think I need to borrow that picture. There are just some days when it fits for all of us. So sorry to hear you had a bad day, but naps are good. Hope you feel better today!!

  4. Mari,Grandy,Yertle,Wanda,Reeni,Dori,and Cystal Chick,some days are like this.All I can do id Grin and Bear it.

  5. Feel better Mike. Did you know that this little troll used to be my avatar? Well, it was.Big hug honey. ­čÖé

  6. Awake in Rodchester,Akelamalu,and Sandee,thanks for the well wishes.Sandee,thanks for that tidbit.I did not know that it was your avatar.

  7. I hope you are feeling better Mike. I am sorry that you have had such bad days. I hate days like that. I myself have been having the worst headaches of late. My fibro has been acting up big time!

  8. Very sorry about the seizures and your not feeling well. However, very cute picture as a symbol of your ailing! Hope you are doing better very soon. Hugs,Tamara

  9. Tamara and Wanda\’s Wings,Thanks for stopping by.This is just the way it is,and there are days that I just want to say in bed.

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