there are days when you….

THERE ARE DAYS WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO DROP KICK THE COMPUTER OUT INTO THE LAKE. that’s how I felt today when I had an uncooperative computer.I finally got it working after a couple of hours,but not before I threaten to drop kick the fine piece of equipment into Lake Erie.
A least I finely got it to work.

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  1. I can so relate Mike. I\’m glad you have it up and running. Deep breath now.Big hug honey. 🙂

  2. there is nothing more frustrating. I have times when everything freezes up and it takes forever to accomplish the simplest tasks

  3. Ugh. So sorry to hear. I can absolutely relate. I\’ve felt the urge to toss my laptop like a frizbee into a lake as well. Glad you were able to get it working again.

  4. Hi Mike….just dropping by to send along my wishes for you and the new year. Thanks for leaving New Year\’s wishes for me the other day. I\’m just now able to take time to visit with blog friends.

  5. Aw man, I feel your pain! Computers can be very straining and trialing on patience levels. lolHappy New Year and best wishes to you and yours for the best year yet!

  6. Wait…can I add to that frustration? Sometimes…and it\’s not very consistant so I can\’t prepare for it…my computer freezes up and then when I get her going again, she has switched to Japanese…and she forgets that she can\’t read it!!!! grrrrrr….Amazing how much of our lives are wrapped around these fickle pieces of equipment.Have a great monday!!!

  7. I\’m not sure that my comment went thru yesterday. So just stopping to say hello again.I just got a new computer because our old one was so sick with a virus that drop kicking it into the lake was about all that could be done… now it\’s resting for all eternity. Have a good day. 🙂

  8. I can relate … I suspect we\’ve all had such days, but I\’m glad you finally got it working again.Hugs and blessings,

  9. I know that was so annoying. I\’m glad you got it worked out Mike. Hugs to you 🙂

  10. Annie,thanks for stopping by and the good wishes.Irish Coffeehouse,yep the are that.Dkuroiwa,Yikes,as least mine does not do that to me.CrystalChick,I have a dead one of those as well,It was my First computer.Storyteller,when I got it working again,that was a good feeling.Akelamalu,Maybe I did or maybe it took pity on my and started to work again.Dori,I\’m glad I got it working as well.

  11. I hear ya, Mike. I wanted to throw mine today too. I am much calmer now and somehow Computer is working, too!:)I like your picture from up above (the fuzzy-headed guy) but sorry that you haven\’t been feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon.Big Hugs,Sincerely,Tart:)

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