Google reader what is you MAJOR MALFUNCTION????

As the title says,I keep trying to read every one’s post and keep getting the same darn agrevating message! ERROER TRY AGAIN. WELL GOOGLE READER THAT YOUR ERROER MESSAGE AND STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE!!!!!

2 Comments on “Google reader what is you MAJOR MALFUNCTION????

  1. ACK! Sorry you are having problems. I just recently discovered google reader and I have enjoyed having it. But I wouldn\’t like it a bit if it was giving me error messages.I will be back later to listen to the videos of the dulcimer. My kiddos just went to sleep and I need to give them some time.

  2. Jennifer,I have been using reader for some time and every once and a while it gives me some grief as it did today.I guess that is thw way the cookie crumbles.

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