Update,the toilet situation.

the Toilet that my BIL fixes on Sunday started leaking 2 days ago.We got a plumber in and he said the reason the toilet started leaking again was that there was a hairline crack in it.it only leaked when one of us was sitting on it ant it took several days before the water showed up from under the toilet. so we had him replace the toilet the flange that the toilet sits on had to be replaced as well.
We decided that we will replace the old toilet in the bathroom as well.the new ones are higher and easier to sit down on and get back up as well.hopefully this weekend the carpenter can come and replace some of the flooring that needs to be removed,replace it and put down new flooring as well.

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  1. It always pains me to spend money on home repairs like that, but it is such a relief to have them done. Have a nice weekend.

  2. We just had to do the same thing in our bathroom last month. Luckily for us my hubby knows how to do it all.He even put the floor down and everything.It\’s a pain but like you say something that needs to be done.I hope it all works out for you this time!!Hugs:-)

  3. Shinade,If I could do that stuff I would, but with the seizers that is not possible,not to mention I do not have the equipment and the know how to remove and do the repairs that are needed to reinforce the flooring. the people that built the condos did not reinefroce the flooring where the tiolets sit. we can see that just looking up from the basement at the powder room floor.

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