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About yesterday.

As I had posted I had a major headache with my computer yesterday. I should have seen it comming when on Thursday I had to reinstall my sound driver. I should have just yanked the restore discs out right than and there.But I was… Continue Reading “About yesterday.”

Oh well stuff happens.

I will have to delete this blog from my Entrecard favorite lists unless the owner can fix it. because it has been hijacked and that my friends just sucks. this is their entrecard badge.but sadly the link does not got to the blog.instead the… Continue Reading “Oh well stuff happens.”

oh well stuff happens

well folks I’m behind the 8 ball for a reason I have recieved several awards,that I have not posted.it is due to the fact that the day I had planned to post them the computer took a powder and I lost the awards.

At least Cleveland is not first on this list. (this is a long one folks,sorry)

Sinking property values, high unemployment and prices, and poor environments add to the pressure felt by residents in these metros. Few enjoy their commute. Just ask Stephen Dinwiddie, M.D., a psychiatrist at the University of Chicago. “I think anybody who, like I do, commutes… Continue Reading “At least Cleveland is not first on this list. (this is a long one folks,sorry)”

bummed out

I sitting here totally bummed out the disc that I thought had all the stuff that I backed up,I for got that I used it and the disc is blank,probably because I did something wrong the last time I used it.and did not re-save… Continue Reading “bummed out”

Update,the toilet situation.

the Toilet that my BIL fixes on Sunday started leaking 2 days ago.We got a plumber in and he said the reason the toilet started leaking again was that there was a hairline crack in it.it only leaked when one of us was sitting… Continue Reading “Update,the toilet situation.”

yesterday sucked

as the title says,yep it really did.and I got the bruise to prove it.I had a couple of seizures at my doctors appointment then when it was time to leave I had one and fell against my wheelchair bruising my arm. I use a… Continue Reading “yesterday sucked”

Goodby to a blog site.

I have had to remove a blog link from my blog roll. Mikey over at The horse shoeing house wife site has been removed from blogger.so her link does not work any more.Good by I’ll miss visiting you.

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