Prayer Request.

After visiting my friend Jennifer,I have to add some else to my list of prayer requests. Mark is having a bad time and really needs our Prayers. I put a link in as well,that way you can go and show some moral support.Thank for your kind prayers.

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  1. I love you for this post Mike. It is humbling seeing the struggles of others. My blessings are numerous and I am gathering my family a little closer around me tonight.Blessings to you and Celestine. Keep each other close.Jen

  2. Hi Mike will head over there now. You are so very very kind.Big hugs:-)Oh YiPeeeee….my satellite company gave me a free month and refunded us the $79.99 for this past month.They did it after Walter my hubby called to cancel our account today.So I am going to try them for 1 more month and if I don;t go over I will stay with them.But, if they do this again then it\’s Hughes for everything.Happy weekend Mike:-)

  3. That\’s what I like about the dsl I got thru the phone company no restrictions on useage,and I only pay $25 a month.

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