The Human Calendar.

I added the human calender to my site here and on the wordpress site as well. If you want to add this to your site just Click on the Calendar and you will go to the site. Once there you will see a blank space at the end of the nunbers click on that blank space and you will enter the setup part of the site.
,than you need to scroll down to where you see red lettering.Click on the “portable” calendars than you will be able to set the size and get a code that you cut and paste to add to your site.

7 Comments on “The Human Calendar.

  1. The calendar is cute…. Thank you for stopping by and wishing my kids well… It is hard to see the baby grow up!

  2. Christina,It is hard watching the nephews ans neices grow up as well. my Neice Allisan(yes I spelled this right) Has been married for 5 years now.Man how time flys.

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