Big time rant.

I’m just gonna have to stop watching the news programs, whether be the local news or the network news shows. While watching the news today it was revealed that some of the bailed our business concealed some of their investments and after the bail out was announced these so called “Broke” companies threw lavish parties to celebrate ripping off the American people and the head honchos taking lavish vacations. I hope that they ALL ROT IN HELL.

the second thing I want to rant about came from the news as well. some rich duel income house wife who works full time and her husband works full time and live in a well furnished house in one of our suburbs was crying how they gotta use coupons to survive and they show a house stock piled of junk food. Boy the that frosts me to no end! my wife and have to survive on less than 30,000 a year she cannot work and we still have to pay our mortgage,health care and co pays,food and groceries,car insurance try to keep a 7 year old car running. You cry babies aught try to live like we do. bare bones no luxuries. I have family members that fit this last category as well. One had the audacity to say we give a lot of money away to help the poor people in the world.They are so blessed.
I should add that I am greatful for what I do have that there are those worse off than my wife and I.
If I upset some of my readers with this rant well so be it.

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  1. Well, greed runs the world and this one is the icing on the cake. All those folks in Washington really don\’t care anything about us once they get elected. It\’s all about their interests. It doesn\’t matter what side of the aisle they are on either.I\’m sorry that you are having tough times, but there are those out there that don\’t even have a roof over their head. I know that you are thankful for the things you have. God bless you and yours. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, This is true.I\’m greatful for what I do have, I just hate seeing others excess being rubbed in my face,and than be asked to fix their mistakes.

  3. Rant away, Mike! We all need to do it sometimes! I think a lot of people are going to be hurting this year. Some will be able to handle it better than others. Hugs!Debbie

  4. Hey we all got to rant, I did recently and thanks for being there for me. I technically should not be working but I\’ll make the sacrifice, if Walmart hires me. Hope you stayed away from the debate last night, was a joke listening to them dance around the topics.

  5. Nick, most of the times lately.Moma bear, I\’m not allowed to work my self so I know where you are comming from.

  6. I love a good rant Mike. Unfortunately, I related a little to well with this one. I don\’t mind that my church has a food ministry where we give away food to anyone that wants to come get it but when I see people with beer in their car and puffing on a cig. I want to scream. How Christ like is that!!!??? If I smoked and drank alchol, I would be in a food line too!!

  7. Ugggg no kidding, I have a few of my own rants regarding what is happening in the world today, and politics! Sheesh, i have been silent regarding issues one is hearing on the news, because frankly I am sick and tired of the news! I to want to turn it off.Hugssss

  8. JC,it is not only that,I really believe in supporting the needy, the abusers of the system now that\’s a different story. The people that are living sbove their means like the duel income familys that have anexpensive house two or three cars that they are paying on.That sort of thing.Tracy,I believe you.what gets me as far as the campaineng is the super negitive ads,the charater assinations,and they call that politicing?

  9. You didn\’t upset me with your comments. You are absolutely right. Makes me fighting mad, too.

  10. The first rant just illustrates how much disdain the average corporate executive has for the \”rest of us\” in this country. It is no surprise given the number of CEOs who lay of thousands of employees, put their companies out of business and then walk away with millions of dollars. No conscience whatever.You\’ve tolerated my rants, so you\’re entitled to your own.

  11. Lee this is true about ceo than oru own government decides to bail out the banks and wall street ans still the market keeps falling.

  12. It does seem to be getting crazier and crazier every time I turn on the TV. At least the election will be over soon and that nonsense can go away!Hugs,Tamara

  13. I had to turn off the TV as well. I felt the same way when I heard the news. Rant away, I\’m right there with you on this.

  14. Betty,I\’m sorry that I did not comment on what you said are what is fair is fair, don\’t live beyond your means. we live in a two bedroom condo and that fits our needs.Why have a mcmansion when you do not need it.Mommisodes, thanks for the pick me up.

  15. Mike,It isn\’t just in the US. Canada has politicians who rip us off left, right and center. One of our Members of Parliament was using her government plane to fly to her cottage and billing for the gas and upkeep. The Canadian people protested and it was stopped. She should have been charged. Others are also doing it, they just haven\’t been caught yet. Greed and dishonesty is a way of life in today\’s society.Blessings,Mary

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