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On sept 30 I ranted about an assine dirt biker. well today he or she pushed me to the limit. I was sitting enjoying the day with my back sliding door open when my hearing was assulted by the sound of that same jacka## again. I was so mad thatI wanted to go and give that fool a good old a## whooping,But instead I just closed my door and put some music on and calmed ddown.

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  1. I\’m with you on the agrivation of motorcycles…they run up and down our street…and they are so loud sometimes that you cannot hear the TV…sometimes I am tempted to put spikes in the roadway to give them a flat tire…but I don\’t want to cause them to flip so I just grin (NOT) and bear it…

  2. I know it\’s irritating Mike, but what else could you do? Nothing. It just isn\’t worth you getting all upset over. Have a great day and weekend sweetie. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Mimi,I would love to put stop sticks dow and flaten their tires as well but I do not want to harm the fool just go away.Sandee, I just wanted to enjoy the fine day and than I have to close up my house because of an asshole it is just not fair.we called the cops and have at most a day of peace.Storytellr I went to jail 5 days a week for at least 8 hours, sometimes 16 hours tahn I got to go home if you are locked up in there would be a bummer since you are not allowed to go home untill you finish the sentence you got.

  4. Mike,I know it is maddening when someone else can invade your peace and you feel you have no power. Closing the door and enjoying some music was definitely preferable to creating a scene that might have caused you more trouble than it was worth. Good for you! Isn\’t music wonderful? What would the world be without it?Hugs,Tamara

  5. mike…this is my first visit to your site, VERY nice! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I also wish to let you know I appreciate you linking the prayer to my little piece of the blogworld! I look forward to *reading* you again soon!~AirmanMom returning to her blog…

  6. Mike,Congratulations on calming down. That person is not worth it. Do you have laws in your area regarding dirt bikes. They are not allowed here in town and that is a law that should be implemented everywhere. Dirt bikes are not for residential areas.Blessings,Mary

  7. Mary, I do not know if there is laws about this but with the cops streched so thin it is hard to enforce the important laws so the minor stuff who cares about.

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