An Update

Jo has some really good news about Baby Gracie. Our prayers for the baby has been answered.

4 Comments on “An Update

  1. Great news. Thanks for the award. I\’ll get it later tonight when I\’m home. I read and comment at work but I don\’t post from here. Also I\’ll have to watch the video later. My work\’s firewall blocks us from seeing videos here. Guess that is a good thing since I\’m suppose to be working. HA!! Thanks again.

  2. Excellent news honey. We always knew God answers our prayers didn\’t we? Yes, we did. Have a great day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. JC,thanks for stopping by. the one place that I worked at block access to the internet totally.Sandee, you bet he is a loving caring God.Betty you are welcomed,and thanks for the return visit.

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