One of these days.

You would think that I would learn from past mistakes and not post something in anger.

once again I have to humble myself and admit that I said something in anger that I should not have said. I am refering to the post about the EC card moderator. I have aske the lady to forgive me and to make amends I’m saying the same thing here. Ruby as I have since learned her name is just doing her job and is a fellow blogger as well.

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  1. Hey Mike,It shows what a sincere, special man you are, to apologize publicly. We all slip up and say things we wish we had worded differently.Pauline

  2. That\’s one thing I really like about you Mike, when you make a boo-boo you make it right. You don\’t just shrug it off and never give it another thought. You make it right. You did that when you made amends with Ruby. There are lots of folks out there that have never learned how to say they were wrong or that they are sorry for what they may have said or done. You, my friend, aren\’t one of those. Bravo. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Sounds like the whole situation really upset you. I hope you are feeling better about it today. Just take a deep breathe and forget about the whole thing.Sara

  4. Pauline, Sandee,and Sara, I\’m just doing what I know I must. it is one of my steps from A.A. when wrong promptly admit it.So in order to do that I needed to make this posting. I just trying to live my life the best I can.

  5. That is just like you, you dear man. To get mad and then humble yourself and apologize for getting angry.You are a good person Mike.

  6. Hugs Mike, not sure what all the ecard stuff is about. However one of the things i admire most about you is the fact that you own up to mistakes. 🙂 It takes a really strong man to do that, and i see you as such. Hugsss again.

  7. Jennifer, thank you for your kind remark.Nick, this is so true my friend,and you can bet I know this for a fact. Just look at what happend in Oklahoma City as a case in point.Tracy,Thank you.Storyteller thank you as well.

  8. Does the phrase \”…restraint of pen and tongue\” mean anything to you? :0) We all let our tongues outpace our ability to think at times. The good thing is that you were able to go back and say you\’re sorry.

  9. Mike~ If the moderator knows you at all, she knows that you\’re not like that by nature.I get the need to vent…but you might \”save\” the post until you calm down? Just a thought. 😉

  10. Grandy, You are right I should hit save,but given the way I do not think sometimes than the best cours of action it to humble myself and admit I was wrong.

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