guess what folks this is a specific rant about a specific thing. the entre card. first let me say I enjoy the ecard blogger just as I enjoy the non ecard bloggers. I have the e card registered for both of my blogger sites. well almost I just removed the e card badge from the rambling stuff awards site.
this is du to a EC moderator that told me that I cannot not have a carbon copy site with ECARDS. so I am removing the other site. I still recommend Ecards as a way to visit other bloggers. I will keep the Ecard link on this site.
I just hope that the pompus jackass is enjoying being a bully!
Boy that felt good to get this out.I still mean what I said.(3:25 pm)

Well on second thought I was wrong.9/13/08 0135 hours.

6 Comments on “A RANT.

  1. I\’m sorry this happened to you, but I do understand their point of view too. They should have explained why a bit better. If you have 6 sites that are named differently, but have the same content, then 5 of the sites are mirrors of the original. That would give a person the ability to beat their system (abuse) by being able to drop 1800 drops per day. That allows one to make 1800 EC per day.I can see both sides here, but I do understand why they did this. I have another WordPress site that is a mirror to my CP site and I didn\’t throw it in the mix because it is mostly duplicate material.Have a great day sweetie. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. I can see both side as well when I wrote this rant I was full of anger and hjust had to blow off the sream,if I were to keep it inside it would just build up and I explode over some totally different andall the anger I felt would have come out in a totally in appropiate way.

  3. No matter what I do, I can\’t help but feel really weird and a bit flustered when somebody tells me I can\’t do something. It just flat-out makes me made and then I stew. I hate that. Getting it off your chest can be invaluable. Nice work. *lovies*

  4. Chuckie, well sicnce I\’m \”breaking\” the \”rules\” I shut down my Ecard fot the awards site. I had advertizers lined up so I gave them back their credits and pulled my ads thaty I had pending. this way I\’m not stepping on their toes.

  5. JC, I refering to the EC blog of the day. I had one of the E CARD links on this blog and on the Ranbling Stuff Awards Addition. Some mucky-muck said the 2 sites a were carbon copies of each other so one site had to be removed from the E Card system. Teh E Card system is a fun way to visit websites and also to promote your sites as well.

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