Today (9/11/01) we were attacked by terrorists, back on 12/07/1941 we were attacked out of the blue as well. Both of the dates are to be remembered for the loss of life. In New York NY,Washington D.C., and in Pennsylvania where a hijacked plane crashed when the passengers of the plane tried to take that plane back from the hijackers,saving untold lives. We will remember all those that gave their lives when Pearl Harbor was attacked. We must understand that we are never going to be 100% safe as long as there are people that wish us harm.

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  1. Well said. All so chilling. I too posted about today. Hope you\’ll stop by. Enjoy the rest of your day *lovies* (even though you don\’t know me yet) HA

  2. Great reminder, Mike. I wish we could say that events like these will never happen again, but that\’s not likely.

  3. chuckie, thank you and I\’lll be over shotrly.Lee, unfortunaly untile every body learns that we have more in common that where we differ we willl always be on the treadmill of sorrow.

  4. I too was thinking about Pearl Harbor today. I think we all remember where we were and what we were doing on 9/11/01. Grace and blessings to you.

  5. JC, the men and women that gave thier lives on Dec 07.1941, in a unprovoked attack is equally sad as those who were taken from us on 9/11/01 during that unprovoked attack.I only hope that they cowards that killed men women and children are in the hottest part of hell.

  6. Mike, You have summed this up very well. I don\’t think we will ever see total peace in our lifetime.

  7. Linda,It would be nice to see peace in our lifetime but as I stated untill poeple see the things we have in common instead if what is different we will always see wars.Beamer, thank you.Let\’s hope that we will never forget,but do forgive.

  8. Travis as will I and I will always remember and Honor all of our servicemen and Women who have given their lives for freedom.

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